Thursday, March 5, 2009

randomly outfits attack..

oh, i was so lazy to cleaning at my clothes, it was so messy at my room,too much to do list on my daily works..and i figure it out if i should go on more shopping, otherwhile i'm just gonna put some style that i've wanted..don't know just pick it randomly from my polyvore account..i'm a moody anyway, so at a time i could suddenly just change to be feminine or masculine one, hahahaa..*ambiguation* i called it..


fireflies dance
fireflies dance - by lilphairee on


isn't bout love
isn't bout love - by lilphairee on


  1. paneee... gambar di header lu bagoooosss... hahaha, tampak makin feminin ya situ sekarang?? bagoslahh, jadi pemikiran jadul lu kaga terjebak di dalam sosok anak esempe...hehehehe....

    update teros ya blog lu. gw follow dah! eh tapi follow blog gw juga yak!*kaga mao rugi* hahaha...

  2. iya, tapi tiba2 ntar berubah lagi, hahaha..ya gitulah gw..*hah!!smp?sialll..*