Friday, October 2, 2009

"DAY TO EMBRACE" South East Asia Compilation!wanna try listen one of my band personalstates song called "be there"? try it! and listen to this.

ada kompilasi album namanya SEA (South East Asia) COMPILATION - DAY TO EMBRACE Indonesia Indie Pop Scene berisi 21 band indie, album ini cuma bisa didapat melalui download, ga ada di cd, so it's free! asik kan?
it says "Twenty-one songs from twenty-one bands all across INDONESIA, “DAY TO EMBRACE” is a journey to the fantastic. Worthy for permeate collection around the world. The Must-listen!"

hahaaa...see? so coba denger, iseng isenglaah sambil minum kopi, teh, bir ato apalah yang enak-enak siapa tau jadi ngefans, yahhh..narseees *namanya juga usaha..

01. Olive tree - Winter Holiday
02. Natalie - Everyday is Sunday
03. Brilliant at Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come
04. Dear Nancy - Ordinary Friends
05. Nostrovia - Live The Life
06. Sundae Sunday - I hate this town
07. Marching March - Rainy Sad September [Nobodycansing Mix]
08. Mini Crayon - Friends
10. The Jumping Balloon - Send me a message
11. Jodi In The Morning Glory Parade - Sun Flower
12. The Trees & The Wild - Irish Girl
13. Dojihatori - Mr. Edward Robinson
14. New Ride - Shine
15. 1900 yesterday - the romantic moment in ourlife
16. LAMPUKOTA - Definitely my day
17. ar and li - sometimes i feel like a girl
18. Under my pillow - Langit Mendung Dan Senja
19. Spring/Summer - Wrong
20. Personal states - Be there
21. Bad lovers company - Peacefulness Addiction

download by mediafire: here

download by rapidshare: here or here

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  1. Wouw...trims berat yah telah berbagi kawan!

  2. udah denger....nice2 lagunya...termasuk band anda juga...:)
    where ever you need me, i'll be there..i'll be there....:D

  3. thanks banget :)
    ijin sedot :D