Monday, March 15, 2010

a note from the inside out

oh..then a cry heart out...

it feels like i've been running
into the great yard field for a thousand miles away
often times i've been look toward by turning head
and freeze after that
cause i realize i've been walking into nothing..

cause i've been through for a vagueness
dead flowers i see
pale green leaves i see
dry ground i see
gloomy sky i see
tight air i breathe

and i hear a sound of tapping
it's my heart..
tears out

hello sorrow
you accompany me again
you bring a pack of pain
memories that still remain
you picture all of those grey shadows, my anxieties
a sign for me to remember

possibly tomorrow would be brighter
may be full of colours
but i would not deny
it would coming back again someday

the sky above, the field below
i know the sorrow gonna keep on follow...

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